LIMO is a brand operating in the contemporary crafts

manufactures its products in cooperation with local

factories, printers and sawers.

The main objective is to support the idea Limo local

short-run manufacturing of unique items everyday use.

We produce, short series of items which are sometimes

very fashion, and sometimes very design. We are in love

with graphic design on objects ordinary that through our

prints are extraordinary. Our world is mostly monochrome,

soft, natural and very city. Design objects, which we give

the unique character of every unique shape, texture

and pattern. Inexhaustible source of inspiration comes

Limo consumed daily with information from staying in

urban jungle and with passion for pretty things.

We look at a variety of materials - from cotton after

material Plastics, always use the local industry. Pillows

are filled, eg post-production offcuts from the sewing

room and down Bush - the waste arising of  furniture industry.

Our first bag - Monofobia - is an example local

manufacturing of thought - filling the interior of poufs

were Terry cuttings - from wave - old, remembers the PRL,

defunct knitted garment factory, which had production

line from spinning to the finished product.